What will it cost?

When comparing costs between schools it is important to not just look at the price per hour of the flying lessons. Some schools may have “hidden” costs by charging for such things as briefings, landing fees, or exams which are free or minimal cost at Caboolture flight school. These could add almost $1000 to the total cost of your training. Read the small print before booking your first lesson!

Some schools also operate with limited or no aircraft insurance and may even require students to have purchased their own aircraft before they can fly solo. Caboolture flight school aircraft are insured so that students can fly solo (even first solo!) in them.

There is no need to pay in advance for your flying lessons – each flight is paid for after landing. Don’t ever give a flying school more money upfront than you are prepared to lose! History suggests that it is nearly impossible to get your cash back.

Caboolture flight school does everything possible to keep our prices to the minimum we need to charge to stay in business. We didn’t start this business to make a fortune so we will never ever price-gouge a student. We do need to stop the banks from repossessing our homes but we won’t be beaten on quality!


Flight Instruction (Sling 2) $290 / hour
Pre and Post flight briefings FREE*
Classroom briefings $40
RA-Aus exams $40
Student Starter Pack (pilot logbook, checklists, handouts, all study material) $200
Biennial Flight Review (Trike) $220
Biennial Flight Review (Sling 2) $280
Biennial Flight Review (your aircraft) $150
Microlight Navigation kit (mapboard, flight computer, charts, etc) $200
Aircraft Condition Report $220
Aircraft Maintenance $55 / hour
Sling private hire ** $P.O.A

* Charges may apply if exams and briefings are not taken as part of a Caboolture Microlight flying course.

** Conditions apply for private hire.

All prices include GST where applicable

How we charge

All flying costs are charged from engine start to engine stop as recorded on the aircraft instruments. The time is rounded up or down to the nearest 5-minute increment to make the maths easier.

How to pay

All flights must be paid for after landing. We accept cash, online bank transfer, or gift vouchers on the day.

The nearest ATM is at “Out of the Blue” Seafood, 6/105 Lear Jet Drive (a couple of minutes drive from the airfield).

“Quality flying instruction is a bargain at any price” –  Anonymous Flying School